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No Nuts Percussion Products

The patented No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve provides a number of cymbal handling and performance benefits to drummers, some of which have never existed until now.  No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves have been specifically developed to make the lives of drummers easier while optimizing cymbal handling and performance.   There is no other product on the market today that can mount a cymbal with one component without there being risk to the cymbal and/or the performance.

Produced with a super tough, yet flexible material, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves ignore the threading and squeeze fit over the end of 6mm and 8mm cymbal stand posts.  The cymbal can then rest on the sleeve completely unrestricted from above, allowing for easy set up before and tear down after performances.   Simply place your cymbals over the sleeve and you are ready to go!  Lift the cymbals off and pack the sleeve away with the stand at the end of the gig.   Switch cymbals during a performance or quickly test cymbals in a studio setting with an easy on and off.  The extended length of the sleeve prevents the cymbal from dismounting during even the hardest hitting performances.  Our flexible material cushions and protects the cymbal from key-holing against the metal stand, reducing cymbal warranty issues.  

The No Nuts® Cymbal Sleeve was our 1st game-changer.  The CymRing® was our second game-changer.  The CymRing®, (AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND TRANSLUCENT WHITE PACKS OF 6) took the sleeve to the next level.  It took No Nuts® from cymbal sleeve to Cymbal Mounting System with the additional of Positional Mounting and Cymbal Stacking. 


  • Elastomeric Compression Fit on No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve
  • Squeeze Fits on Sleeve and Stays with Sleeve When Packed Up
  • Use CymRings to Position Cymbal Along Tapered Sleeve
  • Supports Cymbal Under 
  • Lock Down Cymbal Over (Splash or China)
  • Use In Between Cymbals
  • Vertical Positioning is Now Possible with No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves
  • Fabulous for Hi-Hat Clutch! 

The SizzleNut ™ takes advantage of our open ended sleeve that no other Sizzler product can offer.  While nothing beats a moody ride with rivets for brushwork or ballads, the SizzleNut is the easiest and fastest riveted cymbal substitute to put into action. 

The SizzleNut is simply placed into the hole at the end of the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve and let go!  We have sized the SizzleNut to drape over the largest of rides.  Any drummer can have a convincing and moody rivet sound in seconds.  If you’re a drummer who’s looking to spice up their cymbals, or who wants to get an authentic jazz riveted sound without drilling, try The SizzleNut.

  • Fits Tightly onto Cymbal Sleeve
  • Rotate Connector to Adjust Chain Length
  • On/Off with One Hand
  • Reposition Chain in the Connector
  • Cool Logo Tag :)


In response to requests for No Nuts wear and the aversion to T-Shirts combined with the need to provide quiet solutions for drummers during the pandemic, The No Nuts CymVeilTMwas born.  The CymVeilTM was developed to give drummers a cool and unique way to reduce cymbal volume.  The Eyelet in the middle of the 22″x22″ CymVeilTMl fits perfectly over the No Nuts® Cymbal Sleeve.   Completely cover your cymbal and strike through it or fold the CymVeilTM in half and strike the cymbal directly.  Either way, your cymbal will be partially muted for situations requiring low volume cymbals.   You can also use a CymRing® to lock the CymVeilTM over the cymbal sleeve from the corners if this is what you prefer.

CymVeilTM also protects your cymbals from dust when waiting for your next jam session or from the sun during outdoor gigs. The CymVeilTM is our first wearable item from No Nuts Percussion.  Bandanas have many cool uses.  Pick your favorite fashion options for the CymVeil bandana. The CymVeilTM is cool drum kit artwork that makes a perfect decoration for your music space.  Simply hang it on the wall.